We’re Back!

As Mark Twain is frequently misquoted as saying, the reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated! After an extended hiatus, The Golden Key is back in action, though we may look a little different than you remember.

Part of our return to life entails a slightly updated format. Though we’ll still be theming issues around a central concept (with each issue exploring one of the objects that might be found in the Grimms’ mysterious chest), we’ll no longer be publishing a single issue twice a year. Instead, we’ll be publishing pieces over the course of several weeks, with one issue appearing in January – February and the other appearing in August- September.

We’re also experiencing some changes in staff. Founding co-editors Susan Anspach and LiAnn Yim, who’ve done so much fantastic work to establish The Golden Key, are moving into advisory positions. As Susan and LiAnn step back, we’re pleased to welcome a new editor, Lindsay Fowler. Some of you may remember Lindsay’s wonderful story “The Lake”, which Karin Tidbeck selected for an honorable mention in our Flash Fiction Open, appearing in Issue 6. Lindsay is is a writer of flash fiction whose work has appeared in Monkeybicycleweirderary, and Gravel, amongst others. She lives in Portland, OR, where she’s learning to love rain.

We hope you’ll bear with us as The Golden Key grows and changes. For those of you who submitted since Issue 6 was published, we won’t be able to consider submissions made after our submission period was over. However, we hope that you’ll consider sending us your work again once submissions open for Issue 7. We aim to continue paying our writers and artists a token contributor’s fee, as it is important to us to compensate the people whose work makes this journal possible, and we hope to expand this support in the future.

To celebrate our return, we’ll be reissuing all the pieces from Issue 6: Hidden Things in our new format. If there are stories or poems you missed from Issue 6, look out for them over the next few weeks.

And be sure to keep an eye out for the theme of our next issue, which will be announced when our call for submissions for Issue 7 opens next month!

Lindsay Fowler and Carlea Holl-Jensen

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