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Past issues are all available in our Archives, and reading them is probably the best way to get to know The Golden Key.

Read our editor interviews
In the interviews, we answer questions about what we look for in submissions, why a submission is rejected, and our editorial process. There are two available:
1. Duotrope interview
2. Six Questions For… interview

Follow us on Twitter: @GoldenKeyLit
Not only do we tweet updates on our reading periods and response times, but we’ll often share links to stories and poems that we love—and that might give you some insight into our peculiar sensibilities.

Speaking of peculiar sensibilities…
We previously shared a few of our submission kinks, though we would also like to add that there’s nothing we like more than work that surprises us.

Cover letter tips
1. Don’t summarize your piece. Let the work speak for itself.
2. Include a short bio, or don’t, it has no bearing on how we read the submission.

Common mistakes
1. Sending us something that doesn’t relate to the theme.
2. Sending us something that isn’t remotely speculative.
3. Sending us more than 3 poems at a time.
4. Sending us work outside the reading period.

Issue #4 wish list

“I love synesthesia. I want to hunger for things I didn’t know I could hunger for. Can you be hungry for a color? A light pattern? A chord pattern? A face? Beyond that, my dream issue would contain a variety of lengths of pieces—quick gobbled bites interspersed with leisurely full meals.” — Susan

“Pica. Dysgeusia. Hyperphagia. Uncomfortable silences as the family table, the polite chatter as you try to balance your plate full of canapes. Finger food, feasts for the senses. High tea. Soda fountains and Automats. Fast food or home cooking. Eating alone over the sink in the darkened midnight kitchen. Pie eating contests, hunger strikes. Gourmets and gourmands. Too many cooks spoiling the broth. Tantalus, unable to drink, the fruit always just out of reach. Maybe no cannibalism, though, unless it’s really good cannibalism.” — Carlea

“The Kitchen God. Cultural feasts, or fasting. Amuse-bouches. Yearning. Greed. Power-hungry. Sumptuous language, spare language. Strange cravings, voracious appetites. Sustenance—the kind you can’t eat. When a hungry stranger sits down at your table, what tales does your guest supply in exchange for food?” — LiAnn

Submit to Issue 4: Hungry Things today! Guidelines and details here.

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