Submissions Open

Issue 3: Things Unseen is now open to submissions of speculative fiction and poetry.

Bring out your work that invokes the cloak of night, ghosts, and hidden motivations. Poltergeists, microbes, tooth fairies all welcome here. Introduce us to characters who are often heard of, but never heard from. We want presences shaped by their outlines and negative space.

We want work that is spectral, smoky, suggested. Work that has us weaving after it through the brume. Give us your intangibles, your stories and poems that can’t be grasped too tightly. Peel back the veil.

Submit your best “unseen” work: speculative stories and poems about all things invisible, microscopic, secret, hidden, or just plain unnoticed.

The submission period for our Things Unseen issue is August 1 to October 1, 2013. Issue 3: Things Unseen will have a release date of Fall/Winter 2013.

Read the full guidelines and theme details here: Submit to Issue 3.

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