Sharp Things, Week Two

Only ten more days until our submissions period opens on May 1! Week two of the #sharpthings run has sculptures, words, theater. Here’s the round-up:

None of my throwing knives match #SecondaryWorldProblems

“the irritant, pain, the glass / sliver to blink in the light, sharp as a question”
“Sharp Glass by Minnie Bruce Pratt

Musical theater.
“13 Teeth” by The Psychicbread

Art in the eye of a needle!
Willard Wigan’s TED talk

“I want my father back, you son of a bitch.”
The ten most cutting retorts in sci fi/fantasy

“…a box full of more than 100 sculptures that have broken while working on them that he affectionately calls ‘the cemetery collection’”
Miniature art, carved on the tip of pencil (guess which one’s our favorite) (it’s the key)

Sharp ink.
New Yorkers Show Off Their Tattoos

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