Sharp Things, Week Three

Here we are, with our last week of #sharpthings. The Golden Key reading period for Issue 1 opens tonight, May 1, at 12:00 a.m., and will run through July 31. You can read our submission guidelines here.

The final round-up:

“Years later, Isabella would think of that summer of 1918 as the summer of ice. Already, it had become the summer of the Great War. People blamed everything on the fact that the world had gone mad. Dogs howled into the night. Hail as big as plums fell from the sky, not once, but twice that summer.”
“The Summer of Ice” by Ann Hood

“And the sharpness honed with longing, year by year”
“Arrowhead Hunting” by A. E. Stallings

“A kitchen knife may become an end in any argument…”
How to make a teeny-tiny knife

“In a haze of sweaty, aggressive boredom, I went out in the yard to chop wood.”
“Swelter” by Robert Stroud

Elements: feuilleté glass, wood, nails, white painting
This AMAZING art installation of shattered glass flooding a Benedictine Monastery

“A dagger floating / straight to their heart”
“The Rifle’s Spiral” by The Shins

“a condition in which lacerations are liable to occur”
“Blade” by Franz Wright”

An ice sculpture of a ship.
Installation by Rhea Thierstein

“I once loved a woman who grew teeth all over her body. The first one came in as a hard spot in her navel. It grew quickly into a tooth, a real tooth with a jagged edge and a crown, enameled like a pearl. I thought it was sexy, a little jewel in her belly button.”
“Dentaphilia” by Julia Slavin

“When attacked … she grasps a hatpin. Turning quickly, she is able to strike a fatal blow in the face.”
Victorian hat pin defense

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