{Reissue} I Ask You to Tell Me a Story by Mary Coons

you say you’ll tell me a lie1
and call it a parable
1there were two girls in the forest
                         now there’s one

she’s digging well
past nightfall
emptying a hole
                         of sky

Mary Coons is an Illinois native with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, English Studies, and Criminal Justice Sciences from Illinois State University. She is currently a student of the MFA program at University of Massachusetts Boston.

Objects tend to go missing in her life quite often. She hopes that someday she’ll eventually find her best pair of mittens that she lost or the first disc to Season 5 of Law & Order.

Art — kAt Philbin is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She draws inspiration from fairy tales and personal mythologies to create her delicate illustrations with many, many tiny pen lines. See more of her artwork at www.katphilbin.com.

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