{Reissue} Godmother by Christine Butterworth-McDermott

                                                                                                 Daughter not-daughter,
                                                                                                 girl in silver gown, spare
                                                                                                 a little sparkle for me
                                                                                                 as you tread down the steps
                                                                                                 I prepared you to navigate.
                                                                                                 Glass does wonders
                                                                                                 for the footing,
                                                                                                 letting you glide
                                                                                                 across the hard surfaces,
                                                                                                 nearly skating.  Remember
                                                                                                 I taught you the steps
                                                                                                 to the dance, how to curtsey,
                                                                                                 how to cock your head
                                                                                                 to let the moonlight shine
                                                                                                 across your cheek
                                                                                                 so it looks kissed by dew,
                                                                                                 how to make pumpkin
                                                                                                 sweet to him.  Don't forget
                                                                                                 from which vine you came:
                                                                                                 thread back hand over hand
                                                                                                 into the garden. Don’t forget
                                                                                                 who tended you
                                                                                                 with magic.  Do not leave
                                                                                                 me lonely, spellbound
                                                                                                 by age and service,
                                                                                                 in this small cottage
                                                                                                 as fire diminishes into ash.

Christine Butterworth-McDermott’s poetry has appeared in Cimmaron ReviewThe Normal SchoolSoutheast Review, and RATTLE, among others. She is the author of the chapbook Tales on Tales and the full-length collection, Woods & Water, Wolves & Women (2012), and the head editor of the online journal, Gingerbread House Literary Magazine.

What hidden thing would she like to find? “I have a reoccurring dream of waking up, coming down for breakfast, and discovering through the window an extremely large gift-wrapped package in my backyard. In my dream, I never open the package, but the thrill and excitement of what the red wrapping might hide is lovely. I have no idea what I’d do if that actually happened, but it’s a pretty nifty emotion.”

Art — kAt Philbin is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She draws inspiration from fairy tales and personal mythologies to create her delicate illustrations with many, many tiny pen lines. See more of her artwork at www.katphilbin.com.

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