Recipes We’re Hungry For

For Issue 4: Hungry Things, we asked our contributors to answer one of two questions: What is your strangest craving, or, what are you always hungry for?

We love their answers. Reading them, we started to crave all manner of odd things. Now that Issue #4 is out, you can all read—and, perhaps, taste—their answers for yourselves.

In celebration of Issue #4 and our wonderful contributors’ answers, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite recipes.


Tomato quiche. I’m not clever or patient enough to make my own crust, but I can speak for the filling: My husband’s a carnivore, and he ate a whole one of these.


I’m a little obsessed with making pizza right now, and especially with putting fruit on pizza–pear and walnut, apple and sweet pepper, grape and goat cheese. But the most delicious pizza I’ve had of late was a fig preserve pizza, which I immediately tried to replicate at home. While this honey goat cheese pizza is pretty impeccable on its own, it’s even more delicious with some fig jam spread on the crust and fresh figs on top. In short, fruit pizza forever.

My mother gave me Nick Malgieri’s cookbookThe Modern Baker several years ago, and it’s never steered me wrong. His incredibly most chocolate cupcake recipe is infallible and I don’t know why anyone would ever use any other recipe. I use it for every possible cupcake occasion, including the annual Halloween party I throw with my friend Fala. Our cupcake decorating gets more ambitious every year. This past year, we used green frosting for “grass” and had plastic doll arms sticking out the tops like zombies rising from the grave. I dismembered a lot of tiny dolls that October.


This red bean pastries recipe makes a pretty close version of what my mom, aunt, and grandma used to make when we were growing up. They always made it in the evenings so it would be a kind of nighttime snack. I burned my fingers and mouth so many times because I couldn’t wait another second when they finally came out of the oven.

Leave your favorite recipes in the comments!

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  1. phedrad2014 says:

    Fred Wah had a lovely recipe for tomato beef in his book Diamond Grill. The recipe is told through narrative, so it surprised me that if followed, you actually could make the recipe described. It’s delicious.

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