Issue 7: Resurrected Things – Call for Submissions

The Golden Key is beginning a new life, reopening to submissions after a hiatus. To celebrate our renaissance, our theme for Issue 7 is resurrected things. We’re looking for stories and poems that are alive-again—revived, resuscitated, revivified.

Send us rekindled relationships and recovered memories, near death experiences and premature obituaries. Show us characters who are revisiting their lives after a long absence, or rebuilding something they once thought lost.

You might invoke Mary Shelley’s charnel house Creature galvanized to life, or the “sort of walking miracle” of Plath’s “Lady Lazarus.” Maybe you’re interested in the story of Janina Kolkiewicz, the Polish woman who was discovered alive eleven hours after being declared dead at the morgue. Or perhaps you want to channel Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, the so-called zombie ant.

Send us resurrections both hopeful and horrible. Send us work that grips us in the jaws of life and leaves us gasping, hearts racing, stunned by a view of life as we’ve never seen it before.

Please note, we are not interested in religious allegory, either explicit or implicit. You’re welcome to borrow from and re-envision mythological sources, but this is not a forum for spiritual discourse.

We will be reading for our Resurrected Things issue between October 17 and January 31. Work for Issue 7: Resurrected Things will be published every other week beginning in January, 2017.

Please see our Submissions page for further details.

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