{Reissue} Issue 6: Hidden Things — Editors’ Note

There have been many exciting firsts for The Golden Key over the past year. We’re thrilled to begin paying our contributors with this issue, and last fall we hosted our first flash fiction contest, judged by the wonderful Karin Tidbeck (http://www.karintidbeck.com/). It was the winning story of this contest, Shanna Streich’s “Finding the Ghosts,” that inspired this issue’s theme: hidden things.

In Issue 6, we have work that is secretive, work that is searching. We have work that exploits formal elements to conceal and uncover. You’ll find yourself seeking something that lingers just out of reach, but be careful—sometimes when that longed-for object is finally in hand, it will transform itself in unexpected ways.

Some hidden things, like the sinking body in Lindsay Fowler’s “The Lake,” may remain hidden forever, while others, like those in Lucas Olson’s “The Quarry,” will soon be revealed by inevitable natural processes. And in some cases, as in Khristian Mecom’s “A Catalogue of Native Monsters,” finding what’s hidden may not be nearly as strange a journey as what happens once the sought-after object has been found.

We’re delighted to present this issue of elusive work, with eerie, exquisite illustrations by the talented kAt Philbin. We hope this issue unsettles and surprises you, and that you find something in these stories and poems you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Four pieces from this issue will be available free to readers on our website. The remainder of the issue is available as a PDF for $4.99, via Gumroad. Every dollar of your purchase will go toward paying contributors. Please help support The Golden Key and its writers by purchasing an issue today.

— Susan Anspach, Carlea Holl-Jensen, and LiAnn Yim
July 2015

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