Issue 5: Things that Float

              Table of Contents

              Editors’ Note

              Water Lily Monster by Anne Lacy
              Daughter of the Mammoth Hunter by John Brantingham
              The Ring by Rebecca Hurst
              How to Walk a Tightrope by Emily Rose Cole
              Kites in Oblivion by Trevor Shikaze
              Ocean Beach, Late November by Janna Layton
              Jim Talks to the Moon by Anne Marie Basquin
              The Princess and the River Queen by Phedra Deonarine
              The Rules of Up and Down by Grant Tarbard
              Whisper of the Moths by Grant Tarbard
              Daphne, Resurrected by Barbara Christina Witmer
              Jubilee by Shannon Sweetnam

              Art by Priscilla Boatwright

Download the digital issue of Issue 5: Things that Float here: PDF format.

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