Issue 4: Hungry Things

                                                                Editors’ Note

                                                                Folktale by Elizabeth Bodi
                                                                A woman curls inside
                                                                the warm belly of a tiger, eaten
                                                                for refusing a toll of two sticky rice cakes.

                                                                Mr. Gibbers, Groceries, The Problem with Exes by Cathleen Calbert
                                                                Of ex-husbands the Lady Vampire has but one: 
                                                                a goblin, from the north country, by the name of 
                                                                Harry Leopold Gibbers.

                                                                Petal-Eater by Ranylt Richildis
                                                                Petals sweeten her mouth and sow a garden in her 
                                                                shrinking gut.

                                                                Hunger—The Witch has a Purpose by Liz Kay
                                                                I was born hungry, choking on dirt,
                                                                and when I opened my mouth to scream
                                                                the villagers were afraid.

                                                                The Baku's Bride by Jon David Stroud
                                                                Each night, her husband returns with a bellyful
                                                                of other people’s nightmares. She, 
                                                                who seldom rests now, waits for his return.

                                                                The Perils of Forbidden Delicacies by Sara Cleto
                                                                And so Rapunzel’s mother thinned and bulged
                                                                as she spun herself inexpertly from human fiber into
                                                                something rare and ravenous.

                                                                Chestnut by Elizabeth Bodi
                                                                with cautious feet; toe them gently
                                                                and begin with burrs already kissed

                                                                Raw Vegetables On The Go by Rhonda Eikamp
                                                                “You shouldn’t have left him alone.” 
                                                                Burckhardt was our police, or thought he was.

                                                                Eating Game by Danielle Sellers
                                                                Young wife I was, didn’t know he owned a knife so accessible.

                                                                Letter from the Velvet Ditch #4 by Danielle Sellers
                                                                how ginger is a cure-all for stomach
                                                                and heart pain.

                                                                Public Service Announcement by Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
                                                                It didn't bleed as much as split
                                                                open to reveal a diorama: tiny stars drizzled

                                                                Andrei by Matt Jones
                                                                The mayor had his barely-gone body exhumed from 
                                                                an unmarked plot in the woods, a plot that only 
                                                                the dogs could find.

                                                                Some to Nothing by Matilda Young
                                                                It was convenient,
                                                                and I was hungry,
                                                                and the men
                                                                were already dead. 

                                                                Gone The Great Dark by Matilda Young
                                                                Be a nice little monster, a good little monster,
                                                                a nice little good little thing.

                                                                Wretches by Lutivini Majanja
                                                                Next to Obwocha’s blue house with red clay tiles on the roof, 
                                                                there is a shed made of tall green corrugated iron sheet walls 
                                                                surrounded by twisted barbed wire.

                                                                How Greta Came to Belong by David Elsensohn
                                                                Yet the warnings were earnest: human children 
                                                                would bring about her downfall.

                                                                Soul Harvest by Hillary Joubert
                                                                wear ugly hats,
                                                                forget to visit your mother in the nursing home,
                                                                are a member of a secret society,

                                                                Audubon by Skye Shirley
                                                                (all foragers
                                                                must know the name of that which fills us)

                                                                Art by Jen Muir

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