Issue 4: Hungry Things — Editors’ Note

We called, and all manner of hungry creatures answered.

This fourth issue is The Golden Key’s largest compilation of work to date, a testament to the quality of work we received–and the rate at which we received it. A rush of entries flooded our inbox within the first hours of our submission period, in a charge that felt something akin to this issue’s theme: eager, nibbling, determined.

As always, we are honored to indulge in the findings with you.

Some of the hunger within is overt, lascivious. Hunger bolts from the gate with slobbering jowls and insatiable canines in Lutivini Majanja’s short story, “Wretches.” In Cathleen Calbert’s trio of poems, it saunters grocery store aisles, openly sizing up cuts of meat. Other strains of hunger are more delicate, less familiar. Can hunger be beautiful? So it can, as demonstrated by Rhonda Eikamp in her story, “Raw Vegetables on the Go.” What of exacting hunger? Elizabeth Bodi crafts a fine and peculiar exploration of the variation in her poem, “Chestnut.”

These short stories and poems summon fervor, longing, an appetite. They sharpen our senses, alert us to new flavors and textural compositions. They are hungry, but not blindly so—these pieces sink into their hunger to bring forward the colors, smells and shapes of a craving, lending new depths and dimensions to a basic, universal, and unifying condition.

Many thanks to our illustrator Jen Muir, who created the colorful, magical imagery for this issue, and to our 15 contributors of short stories and poems. And thank you for your support in reading The Golden Key. If you are able, please consider supporting us through a donation. All proceeds are put toward our goal of being able to pay our contributors.

— Susan Anspach, Carlea Holl-Jensen, LiAnn Yim
June 2014

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