Issue 3: Things Unseen

                                                                Editors’ Note
                                                                Magician’s Force by Darcy Shargo
                                                                I’ll teach you how to set your heart off
                                                                like a skiff in rough water.
                                                                The Mutable Fields: An Ensemble by Anne Brettell
                                                                In an old old house there is a new baby. It cries
                                                                and shakes until it turns into a plum.
                                                                The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Devon Miller-Duggan
                                                                My boatman’s hands are
                                                                Like the silver branches.
                                                                They tremble in the witchlight
                                                                And shiver on my skin.
                                                                A Brief History of the Occult by Glen Armstrong
                                                                Enclosed are my regrets that I will not be attending the séance.
                                                                The Death of a Hamster by Angela Allan
                                                                I met Satan under a blanket. It was around the time
                                                                I started thinking I could change red lights to green
                                                                with my mind.
                                                                Lawn and Garden by Caleb José Tardío
                                                                Bobby’s only privilege was that he could hang out with me,
                                                                only me.
                                                                Something Rotten by Allison Wyss
                                                                But as soon as the door clicked shut behind them, she
                                                                noticed a strange smell. It poked out from beneath
                                                                the expected dust and mildew.
                                                                Push With All Your Love by KL Pereira
                                                                You do not yet understand your wings, black and webbed,
                                                                bursting through your thin winter coat.
                                                                Rosaura and the Well by Michael Luis Dauro
                                                                From a square plot of clothesline,
                                                                white sheets hang like walls
                                                                of limestone. Soaked in moonlight
                                                                the sheets glow like the peeled skin
                                                                of a luminous onion
                                                                Cut Down from My Hanging Tree by Sarah Sorensen
                                                                They hung me high, but it didn’t take. I cut myself
                                                                down with an old switchblade shoved inside my glove
                                                                and walked into town that same night.

                                                                Art by Stacy Nguyen

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