Issue 3: Things Unseen — Editors’ Note

How do you write about the invisible world? How do you sketch the outline of an absence, render for the reader what evades perception by the naked eye?

This is the challenge each of our authors takes on in Issue 3: Unseen Things, and each of them offers a different view of what cannot be seen.

For some of them, the unseen is something frightening, dangerous in its unknowableness—a bad smell that comes from nowhere, a creature rising up from under the earth. For others, what cannot be seen is a source of wonder—the magician’s sleight-of-hand, or a mysterious transformation.

These pieces face the void with humor and delight, bravely and also with regret. They make something out of nothing, a kind of conjuring. They insist on the thing, in all its dimensions, so that no reader can deny its existence. But they also open up space where anything can happen—where ghosts and invisible ink are equally as likely, where the dead do not rest easy, girls develop the power of flight, and a baby might just turn into a plum.

We’re excited to feature illustrations by Stacy Nguyen, whose drawings—our first foray into color—capture the close-focus strangeness of these pieces.

We’re so glad you could join us for this new issue, which marks the first anniversary of The Golden Key. Thanks to those of you who have supported us so far by reading, submitting, and spreading the word. It’s a pleasure to be bringing you the strangest, most unexpected work we can find, and we look forward to discovering many more wonderful things in the issues to come.

Until the next time, you can also support us through a donation, which will be put forward to our goal of being able to pay our writers and artists.

— Susan Anspach, Carlea Holl-Jensen, LiAnn Yim
November 2013

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