Issue 2: Old Things is Live!

Issue 2: Old Things is now live with 11 pieces steeped in old. Each piece is illustrated by our resident artist, Libby Burns. Thank you to our contributors, and all the writers who submitted work for us to read. We can’t tell you how glad and grateful we are to have the opportunity to read so many weird and wonderful tales.

Two other news updates:

1) We now have a Donate button at which we can receive donations through PayPal. It can be found at the bottom of our About page.

2) Along the same lines, Issue 1 and Issue 2 are available as free downloads through Gumroad. This allows anyone to download digital formats of our issues for free, or readers can choose to pay any price they want.

Both PayPal and Gumroad were set up as part of our ongoing goal to be able to pay our writers for their work. If you enjoy The Golden Key issues and would like to support the journal, you can make a secure donation online through PayPal. It is our hope and goal that The Golden Key will continue to grow and allow us to pay our writers more and more.

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