How’s Business:

Good morning! Thank you to all the contributors who’ve already sent us work for Issue 6: Hidden Things consideration. For this issue, we’re continuing to accept stories and poems, per our submission guidelines, through the end of May.

This issue marks an important milestone for our journal, one we’ve been working toward since we began it three years ago. With it, we’ll begin paying our contributors a rate of $10 per story or poem, or per set of either, should we accept more than one of your pieces. We hope to increase this amount in the future.

In order to better support our contributors, we’re furthermore now charging a fee of $6.99 per copy of our digital issues, all of which can be found here. (Issues 1-5 will remain free, or for you to name your own price.) A portion of each future issue will still be available online for no cost, and, in the continued spirit of The Golden Key, all proceeds will go straight to our writers and artists. We appreciate your continued support in our endeavors to benefit our creative community!

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