Emma Goldman on Mars by Lorraine Schein

Emma Goldman has been reconstituted by the advanced science of anarchists of the future living on Mars from an ancient can of Manischewitz chicken soup. Her lover, Ben Reitman, King of the Space Hoboes, returns from the Astral Plane where he has been riding Aethereal trains between galaxies with Boxcar Bertha, in time to be present at and witness her Reconstitution.

As the Water of Life is slowly added to her incorporeality, Emma liquefies into life and body again, her first words ringing magnificently and proudly in the thin Martian atmosphere, enflaming those around her on Mars as they once had on Earth:



Lorraine Schein is a New York writer. Her work has appeared in Hotel AmerikaSyntax and SaltStrange Horizons, and VICE Terraformand in the anthologies Gigantic WorldsMosaics, and Aphrodite TerraThe Futurist’s Mistress, her poetry book, is available from mayapplepress.com.

What is Lorraine’s favorite world-changing invention or idea, and why? “Anarchist philosophy is my favorite world-changing idea, more because of its mind-expanding views of the possibilities of everyday life than its politics, and whoever thought of adding sugar to cocoa beans to make chocolate (some unsung European!) is my favorite invention—because how would I get through the day otherwise?”

Art — Aleksandra Apocalisse was born in the USSR, from which her family fled when she was only 6 years old. She spent most of my childhood and young adulthood in Brooklyn, New York until she moved to Portland, Oregon in 2015. There, she is living the dream; spending the days outside with my dog, playing in the dirt, hanging out with plants, and expressing her dreams and innermost musings through art. She also loves animals, reading, learning about nature, getting lost in music, and traveling to tropical jungles.


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