Audubon by Skye Shirley

                                                               So many times this summer I would reach
                                                               my fingers to the branch, bursting with hard

                                                               berries, and you would tell me never 
                                                               to eat what I could not label (all foragers
                                                               must know the name of that which fills us);

                                                               I must find each fruit indexed as edible, however tempting,
                                                               the bright pigment, smiling like a trickster.

                                                               Perhaps it all boiled down to something unnamed,
                                                               we could never find the Latin word for it—
                                                               the way you love me with so much caution

Skye Shirley graduated from Boston College in 2010 with a major in English and Creative Writing, and currently teaches Latin at an all-girls school. Her poetry has been published in multiple journals, including Sow’s Ear, Susquehanna Review, Deep South Magazine, Best Undergraduate Writing of 2009, Pure Francis, and Post Road.

She craves the vanilla-like smell of old books, and hungers for pumpkin bread, cider, cranberries, or anything else that tastes like October.

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