Announcing the Winner of The Golden Key Flash Fiction Open!

The Golden Key and Karin Tidbeck are thrilled to announce Shanna Streich as the winner of The Golden Key Flash Fiction Open!

Karin admitted that it wasn’t easy to pick the winner and the runners-up, noting, “Every story I read was a small world, glowing with the desire to speak of terror, hope, beauty, mystery. It was quite a ride.”

After much deliberation, Karin selected Shanna’s 486-word piece, “Finding the Ghosts.” Of this piece, Karin said, “It looked like a quiet thing at first: a young girl lies awake at night, listening to the noises of ghosts her mother has said isn’t real. Determined to prove her mother wrong, she sneaks downstairs – and finds out. And so the story snuck up on me as well. It followed me around until I read it again, and again, discovering new layers with each read. The spare and precise language, the carefully crafted imagery and sensory detail, and the deceptively innocent voice of the girl telling us the story – it does look quiet. And then it pulls you down.”

Karin also selected two stories as Honorable Mentions:

“The Lake,” by Lindsay Fowler; and
”The Forgotten Bedroom,” by James Heflin.

The editors of The Golden Key would like to thank everyone who contributed to our first-ever contest! We are also very grateful to Karin Tidbeck, whose 2012 short story collection Jagannath won the Crawford Memorial Award in 2013 and was shortlisted for the Tiptree Award and World Fantasy Award.

Thank you for supporting The Golden Key!

Shanna Streich’s winning piece can be read in Issue 6, set to be released in the first half of 2015. From “Finding the Ghosts,” we have selected “hidden things” to serve as the theme for Issue 6. Submission details to follow!

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