Aftermath by Lisa Baird

She saves spent light bulbs,
wraps blown bulbs tenderly
in tissue saved from birthday parties,
stows them in stacked boxes,
carefully labeled as close as she can get
to the exact time the tungsten fragmented.
She holds a service for each one,
wept over the first few dozen,
but there are hundreds now. She is old
and has done this for a long time.
Next spring she will empty the closets,
unpack every row in the basement,
take shovel to earth along the lane
and bury each bulb,
grow dark flowers
from dead light.

Lisa Baird is a writer, a community acupuncturist and a queer white settler living on Attawandaron/Attawandaronk/Neutral territory (Guelph, Ontario). Her work appears in Arc Poetry Magazine, Rattle, Winter Tangerine Review, The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care, and elsewhere. Visit her online at

When asked which dead celebrity Lisa would resurrect for a day, she says: “If I could resurrect a dead celebrity for a day, it would be Dr Richard Teh-Fu Tan–he was an acupuncturist and teacher primarily, but also very much a celebrity–so I could tell him what his teaching has meant for me and my community, and hear some more terribly inappropriate jokes.”

Art — Philip King lives with his partner, cat, and two plants in Portland, Oregon. He is in the process of editing his first novel and creating his first graphic novel, and his work has been featured in the Portland State University VanguardPathos Literary MagazineAnnex Zine, and Literary Brushstrokes. He has displayed work at the Saatchi Gallery in London, England, the Todd Art Gallery in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and in Portland at the AB Gallery, the MK Gallery, the Sugar Cube, St. Johns Racquet Center, the Littman Gallery, Synesthesia Festival, NextNorthwest, Splendorporium, and the Holocene. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Practices from Portland State University in 2016.

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